Information Security Summit 2016 2

Information Security Summit 2016

Information Security Summit 2016 Achieving Business Value, Governance and Compliance — Fighting Cyber Crime and Blended Threats
The Future of Digital Payment in Hong Kong

The Future of Digital Payment in Hong Kong

Smartphones and tablets are completely changing the way that people run their lives, there are hundreds of thousands of consumer mobile apps around today.


根據研究機構發布的《數字、社交媒體以及移動報告》顯示,網絡連接正以更快的步伐發展,數據連接的範圍也將越來越廣。隨著WhatsApp、WeChat及Facebook ...

Smart City Business – Shaping our Future


第三屆「微電影『創+作』支援計劃(音樂篇)」 微電影頒獎典禮 暨 首映禮

第三屆「微電影『創+作』支援計劃(音樂篇)」 微電影頒獎典禮 暨 首映禮
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