Blue Spruce: IBM’s next-generation browser platform



Just read an article from readwriteweb about Blue Spruce which is the IBM’s next-generation browser platform. It is more like platform online using a browser to execute it so I suppose that’s why they called it brower platform.

Blue Spruce is a project within IBM that is only about 5 months old. Up till now it hasn’t been shown publicly. Blue Spruce isn’t yet complete, but conceptually it is two different things:

  • Project Blue Spruce Client Toolkit
  • Project Blue Spruce Co-Web Server

The client part of this project is based on a set of browser-based open standards technologies. They will in time (2010 timeframe) be integrated into existing browsers such as Safari, Firefox and IE.

The main concept is to collaboration and sharing data is also a trend that IBM is tapping into with Blue Spruce.

Here is some example of telemedicine and real estate using Blue Spruce platform in a browser:



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