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為了產生小巧且有效率的代碼編輯器,這個在GPL許可證下的自由軟體開發專案採用 win32 api 和 STL 以 C++ 程式語言撰寫成,並且選用功能強大的編輯模組 Scintilla。多虧它的輕巧與執行效率,Notepad++ 可完美地取代微軟視窗的記事本。(

[2008.05.05] 此軟體因上方功能表有點問題先暫停更新,待作者將問題解決後再行更新!
[2008.12.15] 忘記提醒大家,已經有Unicode版了!
[2008.12.30] 5.1.3版已修正5.1.2 Unicode版無法正常顯示中文介面的問題。
[2009.05.28] 5.4跟5.4.1(Unicode)版中文搜尋功能都有問題,5.3.1版則正常,此問題解決前,新版請至官網下載。
[2009.07.06] 5.4.4版的中文搜尋完全正常了。

Notepad++, a source code editor and MS Windows Notepad replacement, has the mission to offer a greener environment. By optimizing its routines, it results in reducing CPU power consumption then reducing the world carbon dioxide emissions.

Notepad++ v5.8.4 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.8.3) :
1. Fix memory leak problem while switching tab.
2. Fix User Defined Language dialog docking problem under Windows 7.
3. Fix backwards search with Asian codepage problem.
4. Add a new capacity in context menu: the menu item and folder item can be renamed (and in whichever language).
5. All the supported encoding charsets can be set as default in “New Document Settings”.
6. Remove Calltip restriction from plugins side.
7. Add “-alwaysOnTop” command line argument.
8. Fix icon display glitch in shell extension context menu.

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