ORII – The Fastest Way to Send Messages Without a Screen


A sleek smart ring that sends and reads text messages instantaneously without taking out your phone.

ORII is a smart ring that offers a stylish and spy-like alternative to sending and hearing text messages. Wearing the ring and touching your ear gives you clear and crisp audio while listening to text messages through your finger. Send and hear a quick message without taking your phone out.

Hear and Send Texts Through Your Finger

Hear your text messages through your fingertip and simply send a message through a pair of microphones inside ORII.

The Easiest Way To Go Screen Free

Who doesn’t feel like they spend too much time looking at screens? Give your eyes a rest by using ORII. Pairing the ring to your phone lets you send and listen to texts without taking your phone out and looking at the screen. Breaking free from your screen has never felt easier or been more stylish.


Put your phone away while on the go

Built with walkers and texters in mind, ORII’s there when you need to take care of that quick text or call. Just touch your ear to send that short text message or take a quick call.


Clear audio, even when it’s noisy

Whether on the subway or in a coffee shop, the audio is crisp and clear. How? Sound gets delivered directly to your inner ear while your fingertip helps to block out background noise.

Live the Secret Agent’s Life

Sometimes duty calls. ORII lets you discreetly handle that urgent text message. Audio is sent to your ear by touch, so even in a quiet meeting, you are the only one who can hear the message.

Get the most out of your Siri and Google Assistant

ORII makes your phone’s voice assistant more convenient than ever before by putting it at your fingertip. You’ll find many new ways that your voice assistant can make your daily tasks easier and faster to handle.

How ORII Works

ORII receives audio from your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. The ring transmits sound vibration through your finger to your fingertip so that when you press your ear, you can hear the voice audio. This technology poses no health risks and used in medical-grade hearing aid devices.

With access to Siri and Google Assistant, the ring can handle many daily tasks all while your phone stays in your bag or pocket. What can your voice assistant can do for you today? Here are just a few commands you can use:

“Call mom at home.”

“Send a text to Stephen.”

“Schedule a meeting with Kayleigh tomorrow at nine AM.”

“Set a reminder for tomorrow.”

See a full list of Siri / Google Assistant commands

Here’s an example of how you use ORII to send a Whatsapp:

Thousands of people have tried ORII. The first time people hear someone’s voice through their finger, it’s unlike anything they’ve tried before. If you’re wondering how it feels on your finger, the vibrations from the ring are gentle and you get used to them within the first day of using ORII.


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