PDF Password Remover Tool 2009.03.04 免安裝中文版


PDF檔保全移除工具 – PDF Password Remover Tool,專門破解那些曾經設定密碼保護的PDF檔,或許是禁止列印、禁止複製、禁止頁面擷取,經過這個軟體處理過後就通通解除了!你忘了自己設定的密碼了嗎?用這工具解除吧。(阿榮

[2011.01.21] 感謝中文化作者「FreeXD」提供作品。

PDF Password Remover tool is a simple tool that can be used to decrypt password protected PDF files which have their “owner” password set. PDF files with the owner password set would prevent viewers from editing, selecting text, printing and otherwise changing any of the pdf properties such as form fields etc. This PDF Password Remover tool will decrypt and remove owner passwords from any PDF document.

The Password Remover tool will NOT work with PDF files that have a “user password” set.



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