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Easy Image Modifier 3.0 免安裝中文版

Easy Image Modifier–大量修改圖片大小的工具,一次把大量的圖片拖放到〔drop images here〕按鈕,點「shrink」填入寬度x高度,或者,點「percent」輸入百分比,按一下原本拖放圖片的大按鈕,就可以將圖片「縮放」成你想要的尺寸,轉出來的檔案預設儲存位置是「modified」資料夾。(阿榮)阿榮評語: 2.0 版起內建中文語系。* modify multiple images just with one single…

GumGum – advertising on image

GumGum 是商業平台的內容, GumGum開發兩個新的授權模式,CPM & content support:It is not a good idea but somehow present nicely. Of course it has room to improve but it heads to a direction without much competitors at least.