Talent Communications Company Limited – SEO 結果


如果你看到我以前的 post,你就會知道我昨天晚上 11 點做SEO 實時測試,現在是凌晨 1 點,約 2 小時,Google 已經找到在 TechNow 的 Talent Communications Company Limited 公司名稱,我這個 SEO 技能嘗試測試是成功的,謝謝。


  1. Jack SO says

    so fun and good 🙂

  2. BRAVO ATANS says

    technow PR4 收录甘系快啦

    yahoo check 外链 万几唔错啊

  3. Ivan So says

    You are right, Bravo.

    But this is pretty fast and I am surprised for this test run.

  4. gopanda says

    Nice Try Ivan ! Keep this up !

  5. gopanda says

    Nice Try, keep it up !

  6. Ivan So says

    Thanks gopanda. It is good for my clients too. 🙂

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